Tarot Card 15, preliminary stages

I thought this would be a good place to show the stages of one of my pieces. Here is one of the cards in progress for my tarot deck, that is set to be published when all 72 cards are finished. This is card #15.


First image, sketch: I did a number of thumbnails but this one caught that feeling I wanted for this card.

Second image, final drawing: I worked through a number of versions until I reached the final pencil drawing. With this kind of process, I’m figuring out my tonal values before starting with the paint, and I also like working through all the textures and details. Sometimes these will be covered over with the paint, sometimes I’ll let them show through.

Third image, mounted on board and adding preliminary color: Once my image is sealed to the board (using matte medium) I coat it with a warm acrylic wash. I then begin with the darker values and testing out a few colors. I have my references close by.


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