Halloween Haunting: Letchworth Village

The story begins- While off on a hiking trip to Bear Mountain State Park, a group of friends find their car about to run out of gas. They discover a winding road that eventually leads them to a solitary gas station, and are thankful they will not be stranded. While on the road to return to the woods, they accidentally discover something unexpected. A looming (yes looming) vacant building stands alone with darkened windows, at the end of an overgrown street, lined by trees. The driver is sure it must be an old abandoned asylum, while another makes the more reasonable assumption it is more likely a former school. The friends pull in to take a closer look. Curiosity is irresistible, and one by one they enter through a broken doorway,until the final friend follows. Inside, they find long corridors of narrow rooms, the floor crunching underfoot with glass and broken items. Suddenly a couple appears, and begins to tell them the story of Letchworth Village. Is is in fact an abandoned insane asylum, and even suffered a fire in the wing of the research library. The couple then holds up a flashlight, and invites the friends to follow them to the basement, where there’s an autopsy room and the asylum’s very own morgue. Of course the group eagerly follows their new guides, which is where the record of photos stop. (Must have been too dark down there. Or because soon after they all disappeared. Either way.)

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Happy Halloween!


One Response to “Halloween Haunting: Letchworth Village”

  1. Wow, the photos of the asylum were creepy… and if you use your imagination, the rooms will talk to you and give you some of their history.

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