Owl Pellet

This was SO much fun… Dissection of an owl pellet! Well, it was more like careful mushing apart of a wet fur ball. Note, owl pellets are not poop, but the undigested (and regurgitated) elements of whatever was previously consumed. I can’t wait to brainstorm on what to make from the bones. : )







4 Responses to “Owl Pellet”

  1. Woah, you totally scored. I figured I’d spend a day digging through owl shit and find like a few mice leg bones or something. But two skulls!

  2. Oh, my mistake, it’s not poop. Either way.

  3. Are those mouse skulls? They look like something much freakier than that! Did you find the pellet? Ava and I are going to have to go on a pellet hunt. We think that looked really cool.

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