new drawing

new drawing

I’ve been wanting to create a mother nature style piece for a while now, following along my current interests with female icons. It was taking a while for me to figure out what I wanted to say through her, and originally I had multiple ideas in mind that were starting to muddle together. But as I was researching animals on line, I kept finding candid photos of individuals kneeling over these beautiful (but now dead because of them) animals. The hunters had fat grins on their faces holding onto their new trophies that were being bloodied not for their meat or usefulness somehow, but so they could hang their heads on their walls as a grotesque symbol of dominance. There were other scenes that hurt to look at, and after seeing so much cruelty it brought into focus what I wanted to make. So in my image, nature is calling back the life out of the ground, coming to avenge these wasted deaths.


One Response to “new drawing”

  1. That’s fantastic, Kelley. I strongly wish this scenario would come true.

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